We are going to be friends

Fall is here, hear the yellG
back to school, ring the bellG
brand new shoes, walking bluesC
climb the fence, books and pensG
i can tell that we are gonna be friendsD C G
walk with me, suzy leeG
through the park, and by the treeG
we will rest upon the groundC
and look at all the bugs we`ve foundG
then safetly walk to school without a soundD C G
well here we are, no one elseG
we walked to school all by ourselvesG
there`s dirt on our uniformsC
from chasing all the ants and wormsG
we clean up and now it`s time to learnD C G
numbers. letters, learn to spellG
noun, and books, and show and tellG
at playtime we will throw the ballC
back to class, through the hallG
teacher marks our height against the wallD C G
and we don`t noticeany time passC G
we don`t notice anythingC G
we sit side by side in every classD
teacher thinks that i sound funnyC
but she likes the way you singD
tonight i`ll dream while i`m in bedG
when silly songs go through my headG
about the bugs and alphabetC
and when i wake tomorrow i`ll betG
that you and i will walk together againD C G
(cuase i can tll that we are going to be friends)D C G